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Call from the Grave
by Tiff

It was a dark night. I just moved in the house. I am already scared. I heard that ghosts live here. I heard some people were never seen again. Story or not, I'm still scared. How could I not be scared? I heard that people go to the grave yard to see who is calling from the grave.

Well today is the first night here, next week is my first day of school. I went to sleep and woke up after hearing the call from the grave. I looked outside and somebody was walking toward the grave yard. That scares me! I don't know. It is my first. Maybe he just was going for a night walk? I better get to sleep. I am new here and I don't want to be grouchy and be thought of as a bully. I fall asleep.

I wake up and eat breakfast and watch the news channel. I hear our neighbor died. I remember him passing by. I tell my parents. They say I had a bad dream. I know I didn't. I saw him, but I go and play any way.

At night, I decided to stay up all night I see our dead neighbor's wife walking toward the graveyard after hearing a howl. This scares me. I decide to follow somebody after the call from the grave. The next morning, I watched the news and the girl is found dead and her husband's grave was dug up. I want to get to the bottom of this!

That night I hear a howl and the other neighbors are walking by. I follow them to the grave yard. A dead man is standing there.

"Looks like we have company," he says. He signals for me to come to him. I come to him.

"You sit on my stone and watch them die, then I will kill you so you won't be scard," he said.

He picked me up and sat me on his grave stone.

"Alright stay here and you won't die before them," he said.

He killed them, I got killed. Now I WANT TO KILL, SO WATCH OUT!

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