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The Breakdown in the Highlands
by Isobel

There was once an English man that went to Scotland on a business trip. He was on the way to a hotel (when it was very dark) that he was to stay at that night, he was traveling in his old car that was falling apart. His hotel was in the highlands and he had to go down windy country narrow lanes to get there.

When he was almost there his old car broke down in the middle of a narrow lane. He thought that nobody was around to help him but he was wrong. A bright yellow Audi with blackout windows stopped behind him. A man in dark sunglasses (even though it was already dark) leaped out of the car and knocked on the Englishmanís window. "Have you broken down? If you have I have a garage and I can fix your car for you..."

So the man fixed his car and the Englishman thanked him. When he arrived at the hotel he made a friend called Bob. the Englishman told Bob all that had happened to him. "A yellow Audi? Dark sunglasses? Owns a garage? Thatís STEVE!!!" Cried Bob "I have heard scary stories about him coming back as a ghost but I didn't believe them! It's true!!!"

"Coming back as a ghost?" Asked the Englishman.

The only thing that Bob said after that was..." He died 40 years ago! You've seen Steve!"

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