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by Husker

There was a girl named Karrie and she had an older brother named Garrett. They went for a walk on a dark and stormy night.

It started to rain and they tried to find shelter. They found shelter in an old house with the address of 1550 North 4th Street. They went inside and saw that there was an old lady in a rocking chair. They realized that it was the mom.

They rushed home and nobody was home. Then outside they saw a car that had been blown up. Then they went to the police and asked, “Do know of any death of Kimmy Penderson”. They said, “No.” When they went home they went home and they went to bed.

The next morning Garrett said we will find out who did this. After they got dressed and ate breakfast, they went out to find clues. They ended up finding a guys phone number and address.

They had a car sitting outside. They grabbed the keys and went to 919 6th St. They knocked on the door and a guy answered.

When it opened, he said, “How may I help you”.

We asked ”Do you know of a death of Kimmy Pederson?”

He said, “No.”

Well they said, “This is your phone number and address.”

“Yes but, I didn't do it.”

“Do you anything about It?”

“No. Have u gone to the police yet.”

“Yes but they don't know anything.”

The next day they found out she had put dynamite in the car and blew herself up.

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