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Bloody Mary
by Tanner

Bloody Mary was often a popular game at slumber parties. You'd have to get in front of a mirror and say something about Bloody Mary three times and she would appear in the mirror, either allowing you to see your future wife or husband, talk to a deceased person, or see Bloody Mary before she killed the summoner. She committed filicide, killing her children. After trying to deal with the grief of her children's death at her hands, she found her only solution. She killed herself.

One small girl, Anne Harris, soon found that out. Anne walked down the hallway, her books tucked neatly under her arms. Her friend, Kayla, rounded the corner, art project in hand. Anne adjusted her glasses and sniffed.

"Nice," she said, marveling at the volcano with red goo oozing out of it's top.

"Thanks, Ms. Freedman gave me a B on it." Anne nodded. "So, anyway, you wanna come to my sleepover next Thursday?"

"Sure," said Anne, her allergies acting up.

Anne headed for the cafeteria. She looked at Mrs. Brunnet, the head of the cafeteria. She had on an orange wig with a hairnet. Her fat stomach bulged out and her ashen wrinkled face scanned over the cafeteria. Anne grabbed a tray and walked into line.

Mmm, she thought. Anne lifted a small pasta dish. She inhaled the aroma of roasted tomatoes and small peppers mixed together with onions in the chunky marinara sauce. She poured a little bit of parmesan cheese over it and some red pepper flakes. She walked to the desert bar. She snatched up a plate with a light and fluffy bar filled with cream and chocolate.

There was one thing she forgot. She walked over to Mrs. Brunnet, who seemed to be guarding the drinks. "

Can I get a coke?" asked Anne.

"First I want my five bucks."

"Overpriced for a bottle of caffeine," mumbled Anne.

"Excuse me miss," said Mrs. Brunnet, her eyes wide with rage. "This is school. Schools shouldn't have little bitty bottles of caffeine!" yelled Mrs. Brunnet.

"Gosh," said Anne. Mrs. Brunnet snatched up the coke and handed it to Anne. Anne walked away. She twirled up the long spaghetti noodles, the parmesan seeming to stick to them. She gobbled down her food and sucked down her soda. She stuffed her desert in her mouth and left for to get ready for the worst part of her school day. Gym. She walked into the large orange room, her muscles already aching. The gym teacher approached and motioned her towards the weights. Anne moaned and obeyed.

After school Anne walked home.

"Hi honey," said her mother.

Anne just moaned and plopped herself onto the couch.

"So, anything happened today?"

"Well," began Anne, "I got yelled at by a fat lady in a wig, a big guy in a t-shirt made me lift weights and.... Oh, yeah. Kayla invited me to her sleep over."


Anne sighed. "Tomorrow."


It was Thursday afternoon. Anne was at Kayla's doorstep, sleeping bag in her arms. Kayla opened the door and motioned her in. The others were already in, watching "Bloody Chaos 3: Return of the life suckers.” Anne smiled and watched the movie, too. For most of the sleep over they were doing nothing, talking about boys and doing make up. Then Ashley made a suggestion. Scary Stories. They agreed and Ashley started.

"Okay, so there was this dog thing called El Chucaprabaca. It likes, sucks out blood or something. So this guy went outside to check on his goats. But like, when he checks 'em, they are dead. There's this whole thingy in them or something. They checked it and there wasn’t blood. Freaky, right?"

"That pretty much sucked," said Ashley.

"Ooh, ooh, I got one!" cried Kayla. "Go," said Anne. "M'kay, so ya know how they say if you go into the bellwitch cave and steal something, you are cursed? Well, this dude stole a rock. His girlfriend dumped him, he got fired from his job, and he was kicked out of his apartment."

"Okay, I want scary stories," demanded Alexis. "Hey, how 'bout we do Bloody Mary!"

"Yeah," each voice sang out.

"So, who's first?"

"Me," cried Anne. "Seriously, like I heard if she comes, she'll like rip your face off or take out your eyes."

"Humph," said Anne.

"Well, let's get started," said Kayla. The girls turned off the lights and put candles in the bathroom. Anne looked into the mirror.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

Suddenly, the lights went out. They slowly came back and Anne was slumped against the wall, dead. Her hair was ripped out and there were scars covering her. Looking at her body in the mirror was none other than Bloody Mary, a grin spread across her face.

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