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Bloody Mary
by Nikki

One day, I had a few of my friends staying over at my house. First, Rachel arrived at 5.00. Then Rebecca came shortly after, followed by Catherine at 5:30. We were left waiting for Abigail, who had said she would be there a while before everyone else to help me tidy my bedroom up a bit.

We got really bored after half an hour so we went to look for her. We decided we'd start at her house. Maybe her younger sister, Kayliegh was holding her back? (Kayliegh was only 3 and screamed at everyone, everything she saw.)

Anyway, as we got nearer the house we saw that there was an eerie mist all around it. We had no idea why; it was the middle of summer! The mist was cold and beginning to turn to a purple pinky color.

We could hear Kayliegh screaming for once, so Catherine threw a stone at Abigail's window to make her look out at us. It didn't work, so I threw it with all my might. I used a bit too much might and smashed the glass. Still, nothing happened so we went inside.

We came to a decision that we would split up. I went to look in the front room, Catherine searched the kitchen, Rachel checked out Kayliegh's room and Rebecca looked in Abigail's bedroom.

We looked for ten minutes then we heard a blood-curdling shriek from Rebecca so we all met up in Abigail's room. Rebecca was lying on the floor, totally still, her eyes wide open. We gasped in shock. Was our best friend really dead?

As if that wasn't enough, Abigail's body was lying there too on the other side of the room. And then we saw her: Bloody Mary.

Abigail had held a sleepover too yesterday, but Rebecca, Rachel and Catherine didn't go because they were sleeping over at my place tonight. If we ever saw the rest of tonight. Somebody at the sleepover must have called her.

Anyway, Bloody Mary had been looking out of the window, performing what seemed like some kind of spell or ritual when we first stepped in the room, but now she was staring straight at us. I waited for one of the others to shout "HELP!" or "Run!" but no one could gather the courage.

So I screamed at the top of my lungs, which made everyone jump but they eventually caught on that I had shouted "Run" and we started fleeing for safety.

To Be Continued...

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