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Blood Stained
by Tanner

James Colbert was a regular man. He lived in Texas and worked at an insurance company. His daughter and son, Pam and Joey, had left that night for a party. A Halloween party.

James didn't have candy and didn't pay mind to the young boys and girls at his doorstep. He lifted his remote and thumbed a button. There was a black and white show on the TV. A young woman was shrieking and raising her hands as a large black beast loomed over her. It bent down and snatched her up with a clawed hand. It came close to biting down on her before a man came in and sprayed the beast with gunfire.

James flipped the channel. A cooking channel. Nice, thought James, exhausted from a long day of work. There was a heavy breathing and hot breath rubbing James on the neck. James spun around startled. There was nothing except his cat. He eyed the cat oddly and turned to his TV.

There was a large crash and footsteps. "Dang flab it," muttered James. He turned around and walked into his room. He reached into his closet and pulled out an M12 combat shotgun. He loaded the gun and crept upstairs.

"Come closer," whispered a voice.

James spun around, hand poised on the trigger. He put his back to the wall and walked to the upstairs hall. At the end of the hall was a dark silhouette. It turned around and walked around the corner.

"GET OUT HERE YA FREAK!" James cried, yanking the trigger of the shotgun.

Without hesitation James jolted forward. He ran around the corner and stopped, horrified. Before him was what appeared to be a man. It was black but surrounded by orange flames. There was what seemed to be chains wrapped around his waist and in his hands.

James fired his weapon until it ran out of ammo. He dropped the weapon, quivering. he couldn't move or scream. The figure was unaffected. He thrust his chain forward, revealing smaller orange flames on the chain.

James fell back, petrified. The man lifted James and swung him against the wall. It reached forward, cupping it's hands over James. The bony fingers were stuck to James, slowly slithering around on his face. They were absorbing something.

James fell, unconscious.

When he awoke the creature was over him, but different this time. This time, he had a girl by his side. She had on rags as clothes and her haired was drenched, covering most of her face. She was pale white with black hair. She extended her fingers and James scooted back helpless. He was slumped in a corner.

He rose and quickly shouldered the girl. He went through her. Her head turned around on her shoulders and she flicked out a forked tongue.

James ran, jumping off the top step and falling to his knees. He rose and watched the gruesome pair float down. James ran. He swung the door open and ran outside. It was not the same. There were no houses, no neighbors, no children, no cars. Just fog.

James ran into the fog to find he was plummeting downward into a pitch black pit of despair and agony. He fell face first onto the scolding stone floor, surrounded by flames. He looked up to see a man walking towards him.

The man was in a robe and clutched a cane with a skull on it. Beside him were the things he had seen before.

The man raised a clawed finger, "Do as you please."

The ghosts walked forward and extended their arms, their hands becoming black shields as they drew closer to James.

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