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by Tanner

A small Marine unit was being deployed into the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. The team consisted of fifteen men. The leading officer, Major Robert Spikes, was supposed to lead the group in various raids. Robert awoke with a jolt. The long line of green jeeps drove across the sands of Afghanistan. Two large mountains were jetting up in front of them. There was a small space in the middle where the convoy could continue.

The convoy made their way through the mountains before sighting the encampment. Their was a small green tent with a brown table under it, a group of jeeps and two tanks, and a small group of bomber planes. The jeep stopped and General George Milson greeted him.

"Hello. Major," greeted George.

"General," said Robert politely.

George coughed and said, "Now listen, we have been gathering some suspicious activity in the caves over there," said George, pointing above the mountains.

"We were hoping you could go check it out," said George.

Robert nodded. "It'll bring so much joy to me to know I helped kick terrorist butt."

George pointed to a large rectangular building coated in a thick layer of metal. "That's gonna be your mess hall."

"Hmph. Where do I sleep?"

"Over yonder," he pointed to a small circular shaped building guarded by armed gunmen. "Oh, great," said Robert sarcastically.

"Tonight we're gonna send two green berets with you to the caves. Don't let me down."

Robert grinned. "Have I ever?"

It was the night of the raid and Robert stood beside two muscular men. Robert adjusted his helmet and flipped his night vision goggles on. He adjusted the com headset and raised his weapon, an M16 rifle. The two men slipped on their bullet proof vests and the three entered the cave. Robert crouched and slid under the cave entrance. The other two men, Andrew and Jimmy, followed. It was dark. Robert turned his night vision goggles to ON. Now everything he saw was a greenish color. Andrew pushed his way by, assuring himself he was leading the raid. Andrew listened closely. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEEP!

Suddenly there was a cloud of smoke and the Andrew had fallen to the very bottom of the cave.

"They must've set explosives throughout the cave," concluded Robert.

The two leaned over the hole. Andrew was there, bruised and cut.

"Don't leave me!" he whimpered.

"Now listen, we're gonna have to for a while," said Jimmy.

There was an ear piercing screech.

"What the-"

"Noooo!" cried Andrew.

"There's somethin' down here with me."

"N-n-now listen," stuttered Jimmy, "we're gonna come back. If ya see anything, just shoot."

"Don't leave me," whimpered the downed man. "It'll get me. I know it."

"What'll get ya?" Robert tugged on Jimmy's arm.

"He's just gonna have to wait." Jimmy bowed his head and licked his lips.

Robert stood up, hand poised on his gun. They ventured farther into the cave before making out a bat like shape ahead. Suddenly there was a scream. Andrew. There were small pop pops of gunfire. Without warning, the bat flew forward and with it's clawed feet grabbed Jimmy. It was a bat, but bigger, and with the features of an elderly man.

A horde of bats flew forward, swarming around Jimmy. Robert yanked the trigger on his gun. The bats fell. Robert rushed over to Jimmy. He was dead. There was one more screech. A large bat darted through the air and bit Robert on the shoulder before he shot it down. Injured, Robert grabbed Jimmy by the shoulder and dragged him outside, back to the encampment.

The medics examined Jimmy's corpse. They concluded that something unlike the average animal killed Jimmy. Duh, thought Robert. After Robert was examined he was moved to the Military’s best medics, Purple Heart. They said he had a rare type of rabies. He was kept in Purple Heart for nine long months before they allowed and released him to go back home, since his duties in the arm forces days ended.

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