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Baby Sitting
by Vanessa

One night, a 15-year-old girl named Melanie was baby sitting very far away in the middle of Oklahoma. You see, her house and the rest of town was over 150 miles away, but these were her cousins and besides, the mansion they lived in was bigger than Shea Stadium! (I'm just kidding, but it still was big.)

So anyway, she hung out with her Aunt Stacy and Uncle Greg until they had to leave. It was 7 and they'd be back by 3 in the morning.

As Melanie closed the door behind her aunt, her aunt pushed it open, "One more thing,” she said. "There's a crazy man from the local Asylum on the loose. I want you to lock and shut every door and window. You hear me!"

"Yeah, yeah" she said, like anyone would come here. But she soon found she was wrong.

It was 9 and her 3-year-old cousins had to go to bed. As she walked up the stairs to the second floor, she heard a 'bang, shoot, shoot, shoot, bang!"

That’s weird, she thought. But she kept on going. As she went downstairs she decided it was getting late and she should lock all the doors and windows. She did so except for the garage door.

As she walked back into the den, she was surprised to find her cousin Abby was not there. Figuring that Abby, who was 6, was probably in the bathroom, but she wasn’t. She got a little nervous, but then thought that she loved hide and seek and she was probably just playing.

“Abby come out, Abby!” she called.

Just as she finished, the phone rang. She picked it up, "Hello, McDonald residence, Melanie speaking."

There was a long silence and then, "Looking for Abby, right" and then the soft click of the receiver.

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