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by Claire

One time I was late to school so, I had to take a short cut through the cemetery. Halloween was coming up, I smiled, but I had to get to school.

“Going to school?” I turned to see who had spoken.

“Don’t do that....” There was nobody was there. I looked down and saw a small plaque reading ‘Here lies Angelina Amber Smith 1960–1970’ She died at ten years of age.

“Going to school?”

I stared at the grave. I couldn’t speak or move. “Well?” I was trembling and I was so scared I didn’t even notice or anything else besides the fact that I was scared and running to school.

At school I had recess with my friends, Zoe, Amber, Alex, Christopher and Keke. Told them about what happened. Everyone except Zoe said I was being pranked and reminded me of the time I thought a ghost was in my room, but it was just my iguana who was constipated.

Zoe asked me to show her the grave after school. I was glad she believed me.

At school the next day, sitting across from me, was a girl with long dark hair, pale skin and, dark piercing eyes.

“Hi...” I paused. The new girl was creepy. “Angel?” I gasped reading the name tag.

“Angel A. Smith,” she said grinning.

At recess, Angel walked up to me and to my surprise she grabbed me by the collar and said, “Don’t tell anyone about my grave!”

It was true! Just then someone walked by.

“Act casual,” She whispered.

“Angel, have you seen Zoe?” I asked trying to sound normal.

Angel frowned. “Come,” she commanded.

I followed Angel to a hole where something has been buried. I realized that because that I had told my friends, Angel had murdered them and buried them.

“But why?” I exclaimed, taking a step back.

“Because I was a freak and don’t want to be a dead freak now!” She screamed.

“S..s..so you buried every one I told!” I cried.

“Almost,” She said grinning.

I took another step back.

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