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After Dark
by Korbin

A man named Johnson, was driving one night on his way home. There was a kid on the side of the road, just sitting there. He was crying. Johnson stopped his car, got out to check on the boy and asked, ďAre you ok? Is anything wrong?Ē

The boy said he lost his mom. He lost her in the woods. Johnson asked where he lived so he can take him there. The boy got in the car to go home.

As they drove the boy became hysterical and started to cry even louder and louder in the back of the car where he had been sitting. Johnson became alarmed by his cries and stopped the car, got out and when he looked back the boy was gone.

Johnson was puzzled, then as soon as he heard the sounds of the boy crying the sounds stopped.

He went to the police station, he told the chief what he had seen, but the chief was not surprised. He told Johnson why he wasnít surprised. The street is very haunted, he told Johnson. He said that there are ghosts on that street that trick people all the time. When the policeman put his arm on Johnsonís shoulder, it went right through him.

Johnson just realized that everyone he saw were ghosts. Actually Johnson had really died that night on the road when he saw that boy who was a ghost too.

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