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A Wicked Trick
by Jessie

One beautiful Halloween morning a child went to school. The child was excited about the day ahead. The promise of candy to come and the freshly bought costume ready for trick or treating. Little did the child know that a wicked trick would lead to no treats for him on that fateful Halloween day.

As he approached the school he noticed that something felt wrong. Everything looked normal but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. He walked up the stairs laughing with his friends but still felt like something was wrong. He didn't say anything because his friends might tease him if they thought he was just spooked out by Halloween.

His teacher stood by the door, like always, but he knew immediately that the problem was right in front of his face. She had a blank look and was strangely pale. She wouldn't look anyone in the eye. Her face was expressionless as she motioned the students into the room. The whole class was strangely quiet as if they all could sense something was wrong. The teacher took the keys out of her pocket and locked the door after the children entered.

It was only then that her face changed. A sick grin began to form across her face as she looked out at her doomed students. The grin widened, exposing massive teeth and her face began to stretch out before their eyes. Suddenly, her mouth was enormous, wide enough to swallow the whole class whole. The children stared in horror, to frozen with surprise to scream.

They were devoured immediately - no one even heard them. The teacher closed her mouth returning to normal size, smiled licked her lips and let out a loud belch. She loved Halloween.

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