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A Night of Deadly Horror
by Annie

One Night there was a teenage party at McKinley's house. Her house was next to a cemetery which was hundreds of years old.

While at the party, a bully named Travis dared McKinley's boyfriend Logan to go into the cemetery and throw a knife into the grave. McKinley and Logan both hated Cemeteries more than anything.

They walked outside with all the other boys and girls in their tuxes and dresses following them. He opened the old black gate into the cemetery.

Travis was holding a pocket knife in hand just so Logan could do the dare. Logan clutched the knife and got on his knees about to stab the dirt when McKinley jumped and stopped him, but the knife flew from his red fingers and stabbed the ground.

McKinley saw the knife sink into the dirt not noticing that her lacy pink dress was being held down by it. Logan ran to help her up and as she tried she was pulled down again! She screamed a petrifying and shrilling scream that stunned everyone.

McKinley fainted and Logan picked her up, pulling against the grasp of the knife and tearing the dress. Everyone crowded back inside while all knowing the party was over.

Night passed slowly and when morning came McKinley awoke and asked what happened. She saw her torn dress and went outside with the people that were still there. She walked to the grave where they had stood the night before and stared at the red pocket knife with a piece of her pink lace dress sat. She smiled to know that nothing had grabbed her and hugged Logan, but then saw the ground shift more than the wind could move it.

Her smile faded and everyone heard a low moan. No one knew where it was coming from but the grave was not the most reasonable excuse.

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