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A Night In Gorse Castle
by Deni

I didn’t want to, Rachel dared me. I couldn’t back out could I? Christine then made out that if I was going to, then so should Rachel. Then she said Rachel was scared. In the end Rachel did it. Rachel and I were going to spend a night in Gorse Castle.

We were arguing on the way up the hill. “What’s the point of all this?” she shouted. But I knew… I knew that she was scared, just as scared as I was. No one had lived in Gorse Castle since Sir and Lady Gorse died over 600 years ago, as it’s rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Gorse. The story goes that Sir Gorse went insane after Lady Gorse disappeared one night; a year later he hung himself in the back garden. Rumor has it she ran away; others say she was kidnapped, but no one knows the truth. The housekeeper carried on living there after they died, keeping the place clean and tidy, but rumors carried on about one room at the back of the house, which had been locked ever since Lady Gorse died, and no one had the key.

We approached the gistening but old, twisted iron gates. Rachel struggled to push them open but finally managed to. There was a fountain in the front garden; I peered over to see floating skeletons of fish on the murky water. I ran to catch up with Rachel. She knocked hard and the front door slowly creaked open.

A massive whoosh of dust came flooding out, like a smoke machine. We stepped in and I ran my fingers through thick dust searching for a light switch, then I thought, duh this Castle was built in the 1400’s, electricity wasn’t discovered yet. I looked over to a table where there were some candles; I found my lighter in my bag. Rachel then snatched the candle and lighter out of my hands and did it herself.

I was the first to go up the twisty staircase. When I got to the top, there was a narrow corridor in front of me, like a hotel, very old fashioned? “Go on then,” Rachel nudged me, but I couldn’t get my eyes off the picture of a woman right at the end of the corridor. She looked royal, lots of jewels and diamonds. “That’s Lady Gorse…” I thought to myself. I escaped from my daydream and checked in every door to see if there were any decent beds or a kitchen. I’d found the kitchen but no bedrooms. We were at the end of the corridor and we could either go left or right. Rachel went right “Go on, you go left,” she ordered. I’d found two bedrooms next door to each other, but I decided to look all the way to the end. The last door was locked, “This is it, the locked room,” I thought. I don’t know why but I knocked on it, even though I knew no one had entered since Lady Gorse disappeared.

I heard the key go in the lock and the door was unlocked. “Come in then,” said a soft voice from inside. I gasped and took a step back but I slowly opened the door. This room was a study, perfectly preserved, with gold curtains, gold cushions and gold walls. A young woman was reading an old and dusty book. She looked up at me, “Well, what do you want?” she asked. I felt like I was intruding. Examining her clothes, her face…

I realized it was the woman from the painting; but this time she had a red raw mark going all around her neck. Numbed, I stared at it. “What, didn’t you know how he killed me?” she looked up at a piece of rope in the corner of the room, then she vanished and all the gold and luxury disappeared. I ran back and looked at the painting, she was smiling. Now someone knew her secret, she was free.

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