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A Boyfriend Incident: Part 1
by Arianna

Once upon a time, there was this pretty little girl and her loving boyfriend. They were together for about a year now and it was the best. There was one problem: these girls were all over her man. The girl’s name was Samantha. They call her Sam for short. The boy’s name was Robert. They called him Rob for short.

Then one day this cute girl came up to Rob and start flirting with him. Sam didn’t like the way Rob was reacting to that, so she got really mad and pulled Rob away.

Rob responded, "SAM! What are you doing".

She said, “Why are you sitting there flirting with her".

Rob said, "I’m not".

Sam knew what Rob was doing, so she got real mad and said, “Okay, Rob, I got you“.

So Sam did a little messing around on the computer to his account and she wrote him a love letter, but she put another girl’s name on it. (Sam knows a lot about computers).

Rob responded saying, “Do you want to go out with me?” and Sam wrote, “Yes”. She had printed out the copies of the email and suddenly started to cry a river.

The next day she went to school. He was with the same girl, so she pulled Rob aside again and said, "what is this?"

Rob snatched the papers out her hand and he tried to make up a lie, but Sam rudely interrupted, "It was me who wrote the emails to you and I can’t believe you would do that", exclaimed Sam.

Rob apologized and said it was over and went to kiss that girl he was talking to. Sam was mad and she thought, “how can I get revenge?” So that night she… to be continued!

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