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The BEING A True Story of a Haunting

illustration by KKC Bauder

A long time ago, I was working in a theatre on a production of Othello. The theatre was known for being haunted - as all theatres usually are.

I often felt an eeriness about the place. I avoided the crawl space beneath the stage because it always sent chills up my spine. I never saw anything like orbs or ghosts or vapors, until...

One night, I was crossing backstage to do some work like I had done a thousand times before and I felt a strong, biting chill and felt a feeling of absolute dread. I looked up and saw a man standing there… or I should say, “what I thought was a man.”

It looked like someone had taken a thick piece of chalk and drew the outline of a man in the air. He was there, but not there. On the inside, where his body should have been, was a void - a bright clear void.

I felt, if I got too close, I could get sucked into that void.

I am not a ghost hunter or curiosity seeker because I don't have a brave bone in my body, so I quickly turned and got as much distance between me and the “Man.”

I told my story to a couple of friends who turned out to be skeptics and who talked about shadows and reflecting light, then a couple of weeks later, I overheard a fellow student describing what she had just seen backstage: A MAN WHO WAS THERE, BUT NOT THERE.

She took me to see a friend of hers who knew about strange phenomenon. He explained that the man was an Entity or Being trying to get into that space from another plane of existence. The fact that he wasn’t entirely there, meant he had not yet succeeded.

Where was that other plane of existence? What was the being - angel, demon, spirit or astral wanderer? Why did he want to get into this world? This all remains a mystery. We never saw him again… because we never looked!

That doesn’t mean he didn’t finally succeed in getting into our world!

- Karen

Story and Art by KKC Bauder

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