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SPECTRAL ORB A True Story of a Haunting

Spectral Orb by Lori Michelle Adams

This shot was taken on friday the 27th of October...this year. I was working at the Mansfield Reformatory as a scarer during the Haunted Prison experience.

My sister in law an I were standing in solitary confinement when the temperature dropped dramatically in seconds...I had the distinct impression someone was passing through between Shell and I so I grabbed my digital camera (which I had conveniently next to me as I had brought it with me everyday,

I was in a notably haunted and historic building and I didn't wanna miss anything) I snapped this shot and saw instantly in the camera screen what our eyes hadn't seen.

The bright white spot is what's known as a spectral orb. This particular one is very bright.

The Hole is known for tragedy and our entire time there was amazing in the level of Paranormal activity...I experience several things, including being touched on the left shoulder, this felt like very mild electrical current (my account was described again by a frantic customer 3 weeks later when she was passing through solitary, she descibed her experience as feeling like a vibration, remarkably similar to my own description).

Also the unexplainable smell of cigarette smoke by myself and another non smoker, the scent was very strong (enough to take my breath) and located specifically to an area of about 2 1/2' in diameter(right between myself and the other girl present. The building is non smoking and we where the only two people in or around solitary.

A constant in solitary was the sound of footsteps and dramatic temperature shifts along with the feeling of being watched.

In 1932 a guard was beaten to death by an inmate with a lead pipe. I feel as though he is the one patrolling the hall. There were countless other tragic incidents in solitary though and Im sure there are other restless souls peering out of those tiny cells.

At one time the roach infested 20 cell unit containd 120 inmates.....the men lived supposedly on bread and water once every three days....the full 120 men did not leave solitary the way they went in, some left dead.

A True Story from Lori Michelle Adams
SPECTRAL ORB photography by Lori Michelle Adams MadMystyk

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