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REAL GHOSTS My True Story of a Haunting
True and sometimes terrifying ghost stories!

Real Ghost House

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True Story 150: When I was at school, me and my friends had a basketball tournament. After that, it was only me and my best friend still there. We sat at a table and decided to talk, then all of a sudden the lights went off in the cafeteria. We both screamed and then a scream came back. We both ran outside and thank gosh our parents were there.

True Story 149: This one is quite scary... So I had been trying to sleep in my bunk-bed one night, when I was about 16. It was only me in the room... around two o'clock in the morning my bed started shaking, and then it stopped. Trying to think logically, I had thought it was an earthquake. Probably 3 minutes after it started shaking again, aftershock right? Well that's what I thought until my bed would shake every 2 or three minutes.. I was so scared. I just laid there with my eyes closed. I had started to sweat uncontrollably and I started to hear little goblin-like voices in my ear, but they were speaking gibberish... This had stopped around 5 o'clock in the morning. Later I had checked to see how easy I could shake my bed and it was too heavy it would barely budge... scariest night of my life (part 1). I will continue to write a few more stories that I have ~Shane

True Story 148: (Part 2) This is the night after my bed had started shaking. It was late and I was too scared to sleep in my bed so I laid down in my dining room were they have a couch parallel in front of my sliding glass door to my porch. Later, around 2:00, I had heard very heavy footsteps in the kitchen, then they had just stopped. After that I heard my dog whining as he sat aside the glass door. Suddenly, I heard my dog whimper as it sounded like he was being kicked really hard against the glass... I heard pounding and banging on the glass like he was being beaten... I couldn't sleep that night, as I was horrified that we had had a evil violent spirit in the house. ~Shane

True Story 147: One night, my dad wasn't feeling good, so he was upstairs taking a hot shower. I was downstairs, however. All the lights were off, for some odd reason it hadn't occurred to me to turn them on. The kitchen light was on and shining into the room next to me. Anyways, I was watching Netflix, when out of the corner of my eye, something grabbed my attention. A strange shadow, human-shaped shadow, was staring at me. It stood still, moved forward barely an inch, then lurched towards me.

My instincts told me to hide under a blanket, so I grabbed the one beside me and tossed it over my face. I came out about five minutes later. The shadow was gone, but the clothes near where it had been had toppled over and fallen on the ground. I'm not sure what it was, but it made me feel unwelcome. -Anonymous

True Story 146: I was staying by a lake one night. I heard a sound like scream from a litter girl. It felt like it was in the back of me. I turned around but nothing was there.

True Story 145: Most of you people think you know what it's like to be scared...

True Story 144: Once, while I was in bed, I heard strange noises. Then, when I went to my closet for no reason at all, I saw it. A dark shadowy figure. Then when I came closer to touch it, it disappeared right before my eyes.

True Story 143: I was asleep and then I felt something staring at me. I woke up and a person in a white gown appeared. I ran and ran away from it. I was so scared. I started screaming, then I looked back and it was not there.

True Story 142: Days before I went to metro mall. I was at the 5th stall. I wanted a black chocolate. I thought that it would be yum! But when I grabbed that chocolate, I heard sounds like, “It's mine. Leave it.” I got scared. I ran and I didn't find my parents. After that day, I've never been at stall number 5.

True Story 141: I was at the class when the light turned of. We were learning math. Everyone screamed a!a!a!a!a! and a strange sound started to scare us. We do not know what is it even today.

True Story 140: So, I was at a camp that all the 5th graders go to in the district for school, right? So, it's the first day and I'm trying to get to sleep, right? I have a bunk next to a window, and I hear it shaking, so I open it up and it's just wind, right? But then it happens again, right? and I slide away the curtain and see a women coming out of the lake and I fall asleep, right? So I wake up in the morning and tell my friends about it, but they say I was probably dreaming, right? And I think I was probably dreaming. Right? - Francis

True Story 139: Okay, this is a little short... It as 2 years after my family and I moved to NC. My sister and our friend had already had a ghost encounter. So My sis, Madi her fiend, Vineasa her little bro, my friend Matt. We were "ghost hunting" in our two yards taking pics. We were in Matts yard. There was a little piece of woods in his back yard. I was facing the right he was facing the left. He took the pic. "G-G-Gavin?" He said. "What?" I turned around he was holding the camera up to me. There was a little girl, in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Looking up at the sun. I forgot what happened next, I just remember running out of the woods, screaming "MADI! VINESA!" I don't know what happened to the pic, Matt kept it in his cam, didn't print me a copy. 3 years later (right now), I'm living in his house. I'll write more stories! Thanks!

True Story 138: Okay, My family and I just moved to NC. One day, my sister and I were at a family friend. We were playing hide and seek. The Moms daughter(Madilin) was it (she was about my age at the time). I forgot where I was hiding but Madilin found me (we were in her house). We were looking upstairs for my sister. I was next to the master bedroom. When I heard a whisper, "Gavin, Gavvvin." That was my name. I got Madilin. "I think My sister is in there!" I said pointing in the room. We both looked around the room. I wasn't bothered by the whispering because my sis is older and does this kind of stuff. I heard Madilin scream. We both ran out by instinct. Later, we found her downstairs, behind the T.V. This HAD to be a paranormal activity, because, before I moved there, I barley had anything to do with ghosts. I mean, would ask my dad things like,"Can you see a ghosts shadow?" or "What does a ghost look like?"

True Story 137: This is true. I was only 8 when I saw it. It was a Young lady in a 1700's dress. She started walking toward me an I ran out of my house. I went back in that room and saw nothing at all. I have not told my parents this because they wouldn't believe me.

True Story 136: It was a school night my mom and step-dad were going to bed and they had a tiny light on in their bedroom. I am 12 and so they fell asleep and I was still awake. The middle of the night I awoke to footsteps. I was on a bunk bed so I looked over the railings and saw nothing, so I laid back. Like 2 minutes later I heard something slide and I looked again and my rats cage was right next to my dresser. Before it was near my door. I'm still trying to figure out what it was.

True Story 135: This is true! I was just getting out of my bed to get a drink but then something tapped on the window of my bedroom. I opened the curtains and saw an ugly green ghost with a ghostly grin. I screamed and told my parents - but they didn't believe me!

True Story 134: This story took place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. There is a building which is believed to be haunted. There are evidences of paranormal activities happening in the building. The people living in the second floor of the building could hear footsteps of people and many other noises from the third floor. One night they heard a blood-curdling scream from the third floor. Since then they believed that the building is haunted, but the worst thing is that whoever sleeps in the third floor is found to be lying on the road the next morning. Then one day a man who claims that he doesn't believe in ghosts and paranormal activities came to sleep in the third floor. But nothing new happened, he was also found lying on the road the very next morning. Now that building doesn't exist. Now there are hotels in the place of the building. This is a true story.- Akash and Nileena

True Story 133: It was late at night and my friend's parents heard crashing and smashing. They checked through the window to see what it was. Some one was trying to rob their car! The husband said "I'll take our dog with me," but then his wife said, "No don't take my baby!" So they ended up calling the cops. The next day they went to buy little video cameras to put around their house because that was the second time they got robbed. One night they saw a big bug in the video camera, but they ignored it. The second night they saw it again. The third night they saw it again but they realized it wasn't a bug. It was the shape of a white night gown with a body in it. They also realized every night it would say either hide me or find me over an over again. They could not tell if it was saying find me or hide me.

True Story 132: I was walking home with my friends and I wanted some ice cream so we stopped to get some. We were going after that so we walked and walked and then we got to my house and... we saw something unusual go by. We all got a chill so we went inside to be safe. Wen we were inside, we saw something for about 10 seconds and it looked like my grandpa. He died before I was born! We got sooooooooo scared! We ran to Kylas house and ran into her room and got under the covers. We held our breath and prayed that he would not hurt us. He did not. We looked up and he was there. He waved and then disappeared and said, “I love you” to me.

True Story 131: Well.. I was in the kitchen when I heard a loud knock on the front door. I went to see who it was, but nobody was there. I was thinking that some of my friends were playing tricks on me because I was by myself at my house. Then, I heard the loud knock again, but nobody was there. At that point I got a little scared. I went in my room and tried to watch tv, but I could not keep my mind off of what happened. Then I heard the front door opening then it slammed shut. I went to see who it was, but all I saw were the curtains moving and the lights flickering on and off.

True Story 130: I was at my Grandma's house for a sleepover and I saw a mysterious shadow ghost.

True Story 129: This really happened to me. About a year ago I was sitting in the top bunk of my bed and my sister was sitting on her bed. She had Coca Cola and was hyper and I wanted to go sleep so I told her to shut up and go sleep. All was quiet when suddenly we heard a big bang. We both screamed and the my sister turned the lamp on and was terrified. Beside her was a big cabinet which had always been there. The middle draw had been shut so tightly that in the morning she could not open it.

True Story 128: It was a quiet, dark night. I woke up around midnight for some reason I couldn't explain. I looked around awhile, trying to see what could of done it. At the exact second I was about to give up and close my eyes, a girl appeared to me. She had black hair, all knotted up and a white gown. It had what looked like a bloodstain on the chest. I couldn't scream or gasp. It moved it's mouth, trying to speak but I couldn't hear, it was a tiny whisper. She must have given up, because she disappeared as quickly as she came. I told my sisters the next morning and they just stared at me. They said the same thing happened to them a few nights before. -Taylor

True Story 127: This happened 3 months ago to my father's friend. He had just moved to a new house. He saw a shadow moving each time when he was sitting alone. He saw the shadow four times in the house. Later, when he asked the person who had previously stayed in that house, he was told that the house is haunted! Then he left that house and moved to a new house. This is a true story.

True Story 126: I just moved into a new house and I wasn’t finished unpacking all my things when my dad said lights out. So I fell sleep and my dog fell asleep in my room too. Once my dad went to bed all the lights were off except for the kitchen light. My door was wide open and I couldn’t fall asleep, so I just laid in my bed and stared at the kitchen light. I heard a grumble somewhere in the house, but I thought it was my dad so I let it slide. Right in the middle of the kitchen I saw a figure or a shadow near the kitchen light. I got out of bed and went out my door. Once I got there, I heard thumping and then nothing. It's like the ghost disappeared.

True Story 125: It was 8 pm at school and I was to get ready for the camp which was starting at 8:15pm. I was taking out equipment from the store room when I saw this shadow of a pregnant girl. Then, it disappeared. Thanks for reading. - Madison

True Story 124: It had started out as a normal morning. My sisters had woke me up and I had made them breakfast, brushed my hair got dressed, etc. I was in my room watching TV, when a peculiar noise startled me. It sounded like it was in the kitchen. I thought it was my sisters playing a prank on me, because this kind of stuff has happened before. I put my phone down and looked in the living room. They were sitting on floor, looking at me with scared faces.

"Did you hear that?" All three of us asked at the same time. We froze. It was no prank. I ran to them. "We have to find out what's happening." I said. "This is happening-" the noise came again. I swallowed a scream and held my sisters' hands.

We stepped into the kitchen. "YIKES! It's freezing out here!" I shivered. "Sabrina! Did you see that?" I asked. I watched the door, the noise came again, and the knob moved. My sisters and I stared at it and it happened again. I walked forward, it happened again. When I peeked outside, there was no living being out there. I backed up. I felt the knob, freezing cold. It moved again when I stepped away. There was a noise, not the knob this time, and something cold brushed by. We followed it to the back of the house, where it touched me and my sisters. Our puppy came up and stared at where the coldness was radiating from. He yelped and growled and barked and ran off. We looked at each other ran. We struggled to ignore it the rest of the day, and eventually it stopped.

True Story 123: When I had thought there were no other people in the house, the noise, the noise of the TV which I knew was not on had been on. Or that meant mom was home. I yelled and yelled. No answer but for a groan and I knew that someone or something was nearby. So what normal people would do is yell again, but I didn't. I was frozen because there was a dark figure upon the TV just feet away from me. But to this day, I will not turn the TV on without a light on nearby. - Layney

True Story 122: I am 9. This happened 4 nights ago. I was asleep. I woke up and there was my sister. I slept again. I woke up again and there was my nephew. Yes, I am an uncle. I went back to sleep. I had a weird dream about a ghost chasing me. I was in scooby doo. I woke up again and I saw a ghost. I got up and ran. It chased just like in my dream. I woke up and there was my cat. It turned into a werewolf.

I woke up for real. I saw 2 red glowing eyes staring at me. I took out my nerf gun. I shot like crazy. It was my brother playing a prank. I went to sleep. I woke up and I saw 2 red eyes looking at me. I thought it was my brother, so I got up and tried to punch it, but was a real ghost. I ran to my brothers room. I woke him up. I told him about the ghost. He thought I was joking but he saw it and he said, “Sister, quit playing jokes on David. My name is David, but when he punched it was real. - David

True Story 121: One day I woke up at 3:23 and I heard weird sounds and a ghost passed through me and I got really scared and it still follows me.

True Story 120: t was a Tuesday morning, a usual school day. I woke up at 7am, brushed my teeth and showered then changed and went down for breakfast. Toast with butter and lime juice, the Tuesday meal, that was what my brother had called it. I quickly gobbled up my food, picked up my bags, wore my sneakers and ran off to school. Lessons started as normal, the same old boring teacher and the same old friends. Hours passed by and now it was 1pm, time to go home. I quickly put my "unwanted" things in the locker and ran all the way home, dashing across roads and pushing people and squeezing through crowds.

I don't know what had happened but I just felt like doing that so I arrived at home and rushed up the stairs and there it was. Standing right in front of me, looking at me, staring at me, talking to me and as her mouth moved, I could tell what she was saying, "Leave me alone or I'll kill you, leave me alone or I'll kill you." I ran back downstairs and to my surprise, I didn't even take of my sneakers when I went back to my bedroom. Seriously, it was a big fright. That happened when I was 14 years old. Now, I'm 17 and I still remember that accident and it happened at Pennsylvania at my homeland and now I've moved to Tennessee. I hoped you believe it's real because it's real, why would I lie ? - Claire

True Story 119: Things you cannot see - they may exist. Things you can see - they may not exist. Inflammation of your imagination may be false, but not all the time. It can be an imagination of what happened in your last birth or it may be something else. Things that can't be heard - maybe true. Things that can be heard - may not be true. But whatever I mentioned above is just some of my opinions, only SOME not ALL. And thank you very much for reading - Su

True Story 118: One night I was in bed awake and I faced the wall... books started falling off the shelf. I heard footsteps. I froze till I fell asleep. I think it was bloody Mary.

True Story 117: Well, one night I was going to bed and I felt proud because I had tidied my room out so all the crisp packets were gone. When I went to sleep I felt a really itch spot on my back so I went to look out the window, in the opposite house there was this dark splodge and it kept moving along the room. I went to bed and pretended nothing had happened.

Later that night I woke up because of this sound of crisp packets being scrunched up. I went to look out the window and the splodge were gone. When I finally got to sleep I dreamed about this time I was in my lounge and there was a man sitting on my window sill. I told my parents there was a man in the house, but they were having a 'moment'. I went back into the lounge and I blinked and my two brothers were gone and the man was deformed and shrinking. I was about to scream when the man changed to a girl crying with her back to me. I shouted my mum and approached her. When she turned around, her face was blotchy and was kinda like the exorcist. I screamed and my mum and dad came running.. believe me I am scared to go to sleep nowadays. I don't want that blob to come back. The sad thing is, I know it will!

True Story 116: My brother saw a white blob in the hall yesterday and caught it on camera. It's happened 10 times on the same day since Friday the 13th.

True Story 115: One day a girl appeared in my hall and I said, “Hi.” She said hi and she left. I never saw her again.

True Story 114: One day I was walking down the street and I saw a ghost. It scared me so much. By the way I’m only 6 years old. Peace.

True Story 113: One night me and my cousin went to a sleepover at my friends house. When it was time to go to sleep, my friends mom came in the room and said, “Lights Out.” We all said OK and we pretended we went to sleep. But when she left, we started playing again. That's when we heard a voice that said, “Go to sleep your you'll regret it.” After that, nobody said a word and we all went to sleep.

True Story 112: Today was the last day of school and the summer vacations were coming. My parents and my best friend's parents were going on a vacation together, leaving my best friend, Sammy, her older sister, Debra and myself (Tracey). Debra and Sammy had come to my house and they were going to stay with me for 2 weeks. Actually, we was really happy to enjoy ourselves.

Later, Debra came back from her university and brought a weird game, Ouija Board. I heard my friends playing that Ouija Board but I never tried that. And I didn't actually believe paranormal incidents and whatever. So, we off the lights, lit 5 candles and said together, "We are ready for the game of Ouija Board so we invite the spirits who are free to communicate with us."

So, we placed our fingers on the thing, you know the thing that moves by itself? (That's what Debra said.) Then, I asked, "Are you a girl or a boy?" Then suddenly, I let go of it, only about one centimeters from it. Debra and Sam did the same too. And it was moving by itself! It slowly went to G then I then R then the last one L. Then suddenly, the fire on the candles just disappeared and SILENCE .... - Tracey 16, Debra 19, Sammy 16

True Story 111: One night when I was in bed trying to go to sleep, I heard footsteps in the hallway. I got up very cautiously and nobody was there, then I went back to bed. And this time I turned on the light and then my light went off and then back on. We didn't have a black out. All the other lights were on except mine. I pulled my blanket over my head and then it hurt when I would breath. I saw this red image. Its face had one eye, it looked like it had an eye patch. It said "hi" and I just waved, then it just disappeared.

True Story 110: My aunt's friend used to do bless the dead or something like that so the ghosts always seem to follow her. One day she was acting really weird. She would space out when I would talk to her and I would feel like slapping her, but anyways one night after a party she decided to sleep over and she woke up screaming and she scared the crap out of me. She said that she saw her grandmother. That she had blesses or whatever the day she died, but she said her grandmother was trying to take her with her and that she kept on saying "come on its time." Every time my aunts friend would say no, she would have a near death experience but everything seems normal with her now.

True Story 109: Do you believe in B-Mary (I call her this for some reason )? I didn't believe in her until one day. I tried doing the B-Mary summoning because I didn't believe that my fun would turn into fear. I did what I was supposed to do. Later, she really appeared and gave me an evil grin and laugh. She scratched me on the face then later disappeared. From now on, I believe in her and I advise you not to try it especially on Friday the 13th because its her birthday!

True Story 108: One day it was late at night when I was with my friends playing truth or dare. My friend asked me" truth or dare Courtney." I answered "dare." As soon as I answered a small ghost like house stood in the moonlight, and of course, she dared me to go in it. So I went in it and saw a ghostly like lady sitting on the couch moaning as if in pain, I ran out to tell my friends, "Court, you're being silly, its dark, your eyes are just playing tricks on you," Lola said. None of them believed me. That night I heard the same moaning of the lady I saw. Then I saw the lady, I was so scared I started to run to my mums room. That night I slept with mum. This continued for a couple days.

The first night it stopped I was relieved, but then, "Oh don’t you worry sweetie, I'm still here. "I screamed, but mum wasn’t home that night. I was all alone. I ran out the door and to my friends house, Lola. To my luck, Lola opened the door and invited me in. As we walked she asked me if I wanted food or drink and I said, "I'm really not in the mood for anything right now, thanks anyway," and went into her room. I told her the whole story and she believed me, luckily. I slept at her house that night. When I went home in the morning, mum was worried sick about me. I told her I was fine and that I was at Lola’s. This moaning noise continued for a couple days and if finally stopped. I was relieved and fell asleep easily. It still happens occasionally,like when I have friends over and we talk all night, i hear a faint, soft whisper, "I'm trying to sleep"!

True Story 107: One night when I was four, my brother and I shared a room and he was six. Late at night we heard the fridge open and a can crack open. Then we heard heavy foot steps leading into our room and that's when we saw it. A huge white monstrous thing at our doorway and it leaned straight over Jarred and in the morning Jarred woke up with a cut on his face and our back door was right open. That night when it happened, I hid behind my door and it has emotionally scared me. Also that night, our radio was on and there was an Oprah song on when that all happened and as it was harping I saw hoops every were until I gave way to dizzy blackness...

True Story 106: I have a legend at my school. They say a girl had hung herself in the girls bathroom a long time ago. Me and my friend Nivana were trying to figure out if it was true. Our school was really old and we found letters all around the school. We wrote down the letters and some of them spelled: 'help me''spook' and 'die'. Our school will be torn down soon.

True Story 105: It happened at 2008. Now it's 2012... 4 years ago. I was 6. Now I am 9. I was walking to my friends house. I was going to press the doorbell so I could ask her if she can play with me, my older sister and my cousin. Before I could press it. The doorbell rang by itself. I was so scared I screamed and ran to my sister and hugged her. I could still remember that day.

True Story 104: Hello, My name is Isha. Now, I guess I have to tell you my ghost story. So, I was in my room sleeping, I didn't feel comfortable! I kept on tossing and turning. I was awake until 12:45 am. I was looking up, and when I looked up, I saw a figure in a green cape and he was walking towards me. I turned around, looked back up after a while he disappeared. So, I went to sleep with my parents. I was looking at this bar at the end of my bed. It starting turning around, NO ONE was there. I was freaked out. I think it had a evil face and it faced to ME!

True Story 103: Okay we have a legend at our school. It's that a boy died in the boys bathroom. So one day me and my friend Hannah were going to the bathroom (we were at the doghouse) and all of a sudden we heard a bang in the bathroom. We never got to go into the boys bathroom but we just passed it off. So we did our business and we were walking out, when we heard water going. We were really creeped out because nobody ever went to the bathroom after school, so we checked it out but when we were close to the boys bathroom and heard a scream, we screamed and ran out of the bathroom and out the door. I will never forget that day.

True Story 102: My grandma said to me that in a museum there is a haunted doll and sometimes even in the night you can catch a glimpse of the doll moving. Also people in the morning see the doll backwards, sideways and even on it's back. TRUE STORY.

True Story 101: One day I went on Phoophie Tales and i went on to the true story page, suddenly a creepy looking candle showed up on the screen. I thought it was a picture so I scrolled down and it kept on following me. Then the volume went up really high and I couldn't turn it down. Then Bloody Mary showed up on the screen and said "you're going to pay" and I screamed and ran to my mum. Bloody Mary's face turned up on mum's face and I screamed and fainted. From then on I kept on wondering: pay for what? I was all messed up ever since! - Bridgette

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