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A Split Second A True Story of a Haunting

A Split Secont

This is a story that is as real as the screen that you are reading these words from. It happened in Wilmington Massachusetts, Mystic Ave. My girlfriend at the time (Iíll call her Lisa) and her best friend (Tina), were going to Florida to visit Tina's parents. She asked me to house sit and take care of Samy the wonder dog. Samy is a genius dog, if I told him to get my slippers out of a pile of 50 shoes, he'd be back in seconds and he'd always be correct.

Tina's apartment was a 2nd floor of a house, stairway in front is double dead bolted, you can only open from the inside. Backdoor is to the kitchen... same lock, I installed them myself. Me and Samy were on the couch after I got home from work. I just put a bowl of chunky soup in the microwave, then sat with Samy Wonderdog on the couch.

A split second before the crash Samy sat up perked his ears and growled. It's two steps to the kitchen. I got there as the bowl of chunky soup slid down the wall. It was strange because there were no drops of soup from the microwave to the wall. It smashed off, which was sixteen feet from the microwave. Samy wouldn't cross the threshold to the kitchen. He just growled and backed out of the doorway, watching something I couldn't see. Like a dog trying to bite a bee out of the air-only it was the middle of January.

We went to sleep on the water bed. Samy snuggled up to me scared and shaking, we fell asleep. I kept having a nightmare of this fat lady hovering over me screaming at me, she kept calling me Andrew. I was woken up by the huge, crazy wave in the waterbed. I yelled at Samy to stop it, it got worse. I turned the light on and saw Samy with his paws sprawled out on the bed trying to keep his balance and he was whining. He was staring at the ceiling fan above us, as it started to move.

I saw a shadow fly out of the bedroom door, the door moved shut behind it. I heard the TV, the stereo clicking on and off, then the door flew open like somebody kicked it open. The lights were going off and on by themselves. I grabbed Samy by the collar and ran out the kitchen door into my truck in the driveway.

I was in my truck freezing watching the spectacle from outside, it was as scary, if not more from outside. I started to see lights and shadows in every window. The kitchen back door slammed shut and everything just stopped.

The next day I brought a buddy with me to get my stuff. He went to use the bathroom. The door kicked open and broke his nose. The landlady met me outside and started yelling at me, saying I had a party and every time the cops came it went silent.

I explained what happened last night. She explained to me about an Obese woman and her abused son, Andrew, she turned into a slave. Andrew found a woman and left that horrible fat skank. She died in a chair and decomposed for two months.

- Anonymous

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