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GHOST HOUSE A True Story of a Haunting

Ghost House

I'm 24yrs old. I've experienced a lot of paranormal activity since I was Little. I live in a house that was very haunted. My brother who is a year older than me, back when he was 10, would wake up with a nose bleed and he had told us that the ghost that comes every night bothers him. So every night he gets too frightened to even sleep. He even asks our parents if he can leave the light on because thatís how he can be safe throughout the night.

My uncle who used to live with us had moved out because he had experience with a ghost. He would scream every night for help because every night he would get sat upon and jumped on. Every Night, I would hear footsteps on my carpet and paper rattling. It would play with our belts and toys, and throw them on us while we sleep.

Our parents ignored us because they didn't want to walk away from the house they love...so we basically dealt with it all this time to this day.

When I was Twelve, I woke up and saw a black figure of the ghost behind the curtains that was hanging just below my feet... and I panicked like never before.

My friend had came over one night and she needed to smoke. We were like 16 yrs old, so she had opened the window in the kitchen high enough to where she could see outside and stick her head out to smoke her cigarettes. Suddenly, she moved back really quick as if she was frightened, but that day she did not mention anything to me until she went home.

She told me she was too scared to tell me that a ghost in all white ran past the window. To this day, the ghost is still there.

On Christmas of 2008, my auntie came down to visit with her two kids. They were both under 3-years-old, so we let her sleep in the room where we believe most paranormal activity happened back in the day, not to be mean, but because itís the only room available and we believed the spirit didn't bother use anymore.

My auntie stayed up late with us just watching TV and she put her kids to bed in the room. About 4 o'clock in the morning both the kids started crying so loud like something had happened. She had to ask us if there was a ghost present because her kids weren't normal that night. They usually don't wake up that late crying.

The Ghost is there stuck in our houseÖ in our world. What can we do? We feel itís presence at night in that one room.

True story!

- Anonymous

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