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Beyond the Grave

It all started when my wife died, I somewhat went through life just going through the motions for a good 2 years. There would be days I was happy and days where I was uncontrollably sad, but it wasn't a normal sad, it was as if someone else's sadness was with me, as if some one was there. I would have these lucid dreams at night where I would turn over and smell my beloved wife, sometimes it was as if I felt her warm body next to me. I swear I could even hear her voice say I love you to me.

One night as I would get up for my 'break in sleep' cigarette I swear I saw her looking back at me in our bed, but there I was all alone. Most people would be freaked out, but I felt and odd sense of security about it. It was as if someone was watching over me.

Another year went by, I had the dreams every once and a while but not as much, I started dating someone else now, a nice gal I kind of knew in high school. She would come over from time to time. But things started to get a little weird, the warmth I spoke of earlier wasn't around any more, in fact I started getting the chills randomly and I felt odd levels of discomfort randomly.

After a month I contacted a therapist, I will leave her name out, but she told me these were perfectly normal feelings when moving on from such a tragedy. So after a month spending time with my therapist and a prescription of Ambien, I was fine yet again, but the dreams started freaking me out. Instead of feeling the comfort in bed, I felt as if someone was watching me in my sleep and let me tell you it wasn't pleasant. I don't know what it was but i felt real uncomfortable, more so unsettled at times. This is where things started turning from odd feelings to plain strange. My birthday comes around and my new girl friend gave me a nice picture of us in this really nice frame, I thought it was rather sweet of her so I stood it up on the end table in the living room. Well there was also a picture of my wife and I on the same table so I moved the old picture so I wouldn't feel guilty ever time I looked at the new picture.

Again more uncomfortable feelings, but I was getting borderline sick this time. So the girl and I were having dinner and all the sudden I hear something smack the wall in the living room. So I go see what it was, and it was the new girl and my picture, and get this, her face was cracked. It doesn't seem strange but I noticed mine was perfectly fine. I was truly freaked out, but my girl said it was okay. It was just my imagination until she started sleeping over. I would wake up in the morning just fine but my girl was just sitting in the kitchen looking stressed, saying how she kept waking up at night, having weird dreams, at some points in the night she couldn't breathe. But I had the best night of sleep since the last time I could remember. To speed things up, her dreams got worse, we started fighting. She kept saying my dead wife was haunting her and she kept seeing her in her sleep and randomly throughout the house, and she said it in these exact words. She is not looking very pleasant at me, she looks at me as if I am her worst enemy or trespassing on her property. Needless to say our relationship didn't last too much longer, and about a month later I found that she was cheating on me with 2 other men, crazy huh?

What's even crazier is the fact that the warmth came back. That comfortable feeling was back, and a year later I was dating someone else, a really nice gal who was really into reading books, and get this... the warm feeling stayed. Nothing negative was around my hose with this new girl..

Sure this my not be super scary but, it was like my wife was looking out for me beyond the grave. Like she knew the first girl was bad news.

- Anonymous

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