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Creephilda wants you to pay attention!

Creephilda will now read you the rules
of Phoophie Tales!

So Pay Attention!

All of the contents of Phoophie Tales are copyright under the United States and International Copyright Laws. Which means - you can't use any of the stories or pictures unless you write to eek@phoophietales.com and ask us very nicely! Each author and every child who was imaginative enough to come up with a tale owns the copyright to his or her story.

All graphics and illustrations are the exclusive intellectual property of the artists who were kind enough to share them with children around the world. Copyright 2003-2014. The intellectual property MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED except by normal viewing process of the browser. The image files and graphics may not be copied or altered in any way, without the written permission and payment of a fee or arrangement thereof.

We believe in encouraging creativity in children, so no story is rejected unless the content is profane or obscene (that means nasty and disgusting - whatever makes you say "eeewwww, yukkk, that's just wrong") - or insults anyone's mother.

Thank you for listening and visiting our page!
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